License Plate Cover

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The License Plate Cover (#81276-33020-J2), an essential electrical component in the Rear License Plate Lamp system, plays a critical role in protecting the license plate lamp. This part shields the lamp from external elements, thereby ensuring its longevity and functionality. Genuine Toyota License Plate Cover (#81276-33020-J2)s are designed specifically for vehicle compatibility, enhancing the lamp system's performance. The License Plate Cover (#81276-33020-J2), like other car parts, may deteriorate over time. Aging, broken, or non-functioning covers can expose the lamp to potential damage, impacting visibility of the license plate, which could lead to safety concerns. Toyota's genuine parts are backed by a warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality. In conclusion, a reliable License Plate Cover (#81276-33020-J2) significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of the Rear License Plate Lamp system, safeguarding the lamp and maintaining the overall integrity of the system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81276-33020-J2
Color Number 8J6
Color Name Light Blue Mica Me

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