Map Lamp Cover

About this product

The Map Lamp Cover (#81261-WAA02), a crucial part under Toyota's Roof Headlining & Silencer Pad system category, primarily aids in housing the map lamp while providing an aesthetic finish to the vehicle's interior overhead system. As part of its function, it does not only protect the lamp but also aids in focusing and diffusing the light within the vehicle during operation. While the Map Lamp Cover (#81261-WAA02) doesn't typically have a periodic replacement, it can wear out, break, or discolor over time. A broken or discolored cover can hinder the function of the map lamp, making the interior visibility compromised. Choosing a genuine Toyota Map Lamp Cover (#81261-WAA02) significantly improves vehicle compatibility, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Plus, it maintains the original interior design of your Toyota vehicle, thus enhancing your overall driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81261-WAA02

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