Cover #3 Seat Back Hinge

About this product

The Cover #3 Seat Back Hinge (#79354-60010-A2), a crucial part in the Seat & Seat Track system, performs an essential role in Toyota vehicles. This component, typically made from robust materials, allows the seat back to pivot, providing the necessary comfort and flexibility for the driver and passengers. Without this hinge, the seat back would be immobile, making the driving or riding experience uncomfortable. Over time, this component can wear out or become damaged, and this can affect the seat's performance. A damaged or non-functional Cover #3 Seat Back Hinge (#79354-60010-A2) can lead to an unstable seat back, which can potentially compromise the safety of the vehicle's occupants. Therefore, this part should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement ensures the part seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, providing optimal performance and safety. Each genuine part is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing an additional layer of assurance. The Cover #3 Seat Back Hinge (#79354-60010-A2) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the Seat & Seat Track system, enhancing the comfort and safety of the ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79354-60010-A2
Color_Name IVORY

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