#3 Seat Leg Cover Rear Left Hand

About this product

The Toyota #3 Seat Leg Cover Rear Left Hand (#79384-60050-E1), a critical component of the Seat & Seat Track system, is primarily responsible for concealing and safeguarding the metal infrastructure of the vehicle's seats. It serves a twofold purpose: aesthetic enhancement and functional protection. Strategically designed, the #3 Seat Leg Cover Rear Left Hand (#79384-60050-E1) prevents direct exposure of the seat legs to various damaging elements, including dirt, moisture, and impact. As such, this part can become worn or damaged over time and needs to be periodically replaced. If neglected, a damaged #3 Seat Leg Cover Rear Left Hand (#79384-60050-E1) might expose the seat legs to harmful elements, potentially compromising the safety and stability of the seats. By using genuine Toyota #3 Seat Leg Cover Rear Left Hand (#79384-60050-E1)s, you benefit from perfect compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and the reliability of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, these Covers contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle's seating system, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your Toyota’s interior.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79384-60050-E1
Color Name Neutral Beige

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