Outer Mirror Instal Hole Cover Left Hand

About this product

The Outer Mirror Instal Hole Cover Left Hand (#87964-02011) is a vital body part within the Front Door Panel & Glass system of a Toyota vehicle. This part is designed to conceal the mounting hole of the exterior mirror, protecting it from debris and damage. The cover also adds an aesthetic touch, contributing to the overall exterior design of the vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts like this cover are pivotal for vehicle compatibility, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty for peace of mind. Over time, this cover may become worn or damaged due to exposure to weather elements or physical force. If damaged, the underlying hole and mount for the mirror are exposed to potential harm, which could affect the positioning and stability of the mirror. By maintaining the integrity of the mirror installation, the Outer Mirror Instal Hole Cover Left Hand (#87964-02011) aids in ensuring the mirror's performance for safe and efficient driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87964-02011

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