Precrash Safety City Cover

About this product

The Precrash Safety City Cover (#88183-52030), an electrical part within the Pre-Collision System, delivers critical functionality to keep drivers safe. It serves as a sensor cover that helps detect potential collisions in city environments, enabling the system to take proactive measures to prevent or minimize damage. This part, like others, requires periodic replacement to maintain its efficiency. If left unchecked or malfunctioning, it could compromise the system’s ability to detect imminent collisions, endangering vehicle occupants. Using genuine Toyota parts enhances compatibility with your vehicle, offering a seamless fit and optimal performance. Plus, Toyota supports every genuine part with its comprehensive parts warranty. In conclusion, the Precrash Safety City Cover (#88183-52030) plays an essential role in the safety of your Toyota vehicle, helping maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the Pre-Collision System.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88183-52030

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