Quarter Armrest Cover Left Hand

About this product

The Quarter Armrest Cover Left Hand (#74262-60090-A1), a key component in the Inside Trim Board system of a Toyota vehicle, serves a primary role in enhancing passenger comfort and vehicle aesthetics. This cover interacts directly with the armrest, shielding it from wear and tear and providing a comfortable surface for passengers. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts like the armrest cover ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle, offering a seamless fit and prolonged durability. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these genuine covers, offering added assurance of their quality. As with any interior part exposed to regular use, the armrest cover may wear out over time, becoming less comfortable and visually appealing, and may even lead to the premature damage of the underlying armrest. Periodic replacement thus maintains the vehicle's comfort, aesthetics, and durability. In conclusion, the Quarter Armrest Cover Left Hand (#74262-60090-A1) serves a dual role in contributing to the overall efficiency of the Inside Trim Board system—protecting the armrest and enhancing passenger comfort—thus underscoring its importance in the vehicle's interior build.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74262-60090-A1
Color_Name SHELL

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