Reclining Hinge Cover

About this product

The Reclining Hinge Cover (#72551-F4020-C1) is a vital component in the Front Seat & Seat Track system of your vehicle. Located at the hinge point of your front seat, this cover protects the reclining mechanism from dirt, debris, and wear, allowing for smooth and reliable seat adjustment. Over time, this cover can wear out or become damaged, limiting its protective capability. When this occurs, it's essential to replace it with genuine Toyota parts, which offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle. These parts are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If the Reclining Hinge Cover (#72551-F4020-C1) is not replaced, the exposed reclining mechanism may suffer from premature wear or damage, potentially compromising the seat's adjustment capabilities. By maintaining this component, you contribute to the overall safety and comfort of your vehicle's seating system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 72551-F4020-C0
Part Number 72551-F4020-C1

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