Relay Block Cover

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The Relay Block Cover (#82661-47040), a crucial component in Toyota's Electrical Switch & Relay & Computer system and the Electrical Wiring & Clamp system, serves to protect the relay blocks from dust, moisture, and other contaminants. Its job within these systems is to safeguard the relay blocks, which are pivotal in controlling various electrical functions within the vehicle. As time passes, the Relay Block Cover (#82661-47040) may become worn, damaged, or clogged with debris. A faulty cover can expose the relay blocks to harmful elements, potentially causing malfunctions in different electrical systems of the vehicle. It's essential to replace the Relay Block Cover (#82661-47040) when necessary with genuine Toyota parts. These parts are not only compatible with your vehicle but are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining a functional Relay Block Cover (#82661-47040), you're enhancing the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's electrical systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82661-47040

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