Rear Door Lock Child Protection Cover

About this product

The Rear Door Lock Child Protection Cover (#67836-12040) is a significant auto part in Toyota's Body Back Door Lock & Hinge system, Body Rear Door Lock & Handle system, and Body Rear Door Panel & Glass system. It plays a crucial role in securing the door lock mechanism, thus preventing accidental or unintended operation by children. This part works by shielding the actual door lock, making it difficult for children to manipulate or tamper with the lock. Over time, this cover may become worn out or damaged, which might compromise its effectiveness. If it becomes old, clogged, or broken, it could expose the door lock, putting child passengers at risk. By replacing the Rear Door Lock Child Protection Cover (#67836-12040) with a genuine Toyota part, you uphold the compatibility of your vehicle and benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part contributes immensely to the safety of the vehicle, particularly where children are involved, by reducing the risk of unintentional door opening.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 67836-02020
Part Number 67836-12040

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