Rear Seat Cushion Hinge Cover #2

About this product

The Rear Seat Cushion Hinge Cover #2 (#71692-0E030-C0), a crucial body part in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system, serves the primary role of protecting the hinge mechanism of the seat cushion. It helps maintain the smooth operation of the seat adjustment feature, while also keeping the hinge clean and free from debris. Over time, this auto part may wear out or get damaged, thus compromising its protective function. A worn-out or broken hinge cover could expose the hinge to dirt and debris, potentially causing malfunction or damage. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary, and using genuine Toyota Autoparts ensures maximum compatibility and optimal performance. Remember, genuine parts are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Rear Seat Cushion Hinge Cover #2 (#71692-0E030-C0) contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of the seating system, ensuring comfortable and secure seating.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 71692-0E030-C0
Color_Name BLACK

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