Rear Seat Reclining Control Lever Cover

About this product

The Rear Seat Reclining Control Lever Cover (#72726-14010-02) plays a pivotal role in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system of a vehicle, serving as a protective cover for the seat reclining control lever. This auto part shields the lever from potential damage, ensuring smooth operation when adjusting the rear seat's position. This part directly interacts with the seat reclining control lever, which allows passengers to adjust the seat's recline angle for maximum comfort. Over time, the cover may wear out or break, causing issues in operating the lever effectively, potentially compromising passenger comfort and safety. It is therefore necessary to replace this cover periodically with genuine Toyota Autoparts that are compatible with your vehicle and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This assures the longevity and functionality of your vehicle's Rear Seat & Seat Track system. A fully functioning lever, safeguarded by the cover, contributes to passenger safety and overall vehicle efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 72726-14010
Part Number 72726-14010-02

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