Rear Step Cover #2

About this product

The Rear Step Cover #2 (#51776-60020), a crucial component in the Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay system, is tasked primarily with safeguarding the bumper from potential damage and wear. This essential auto part acts as a buffer, absorbing impacts and stresses while the vehicle is in operation. It's critical to note that using genuine Toyota parts is beneficial for vehicle compatibility, and Toyota backs their genuine parts with a solid warranty. As with all parts, the Rear Step Cover #2 (#51776-60020) isn't immune to ageing and damage, which could lead to decreased functionality and potential risks. An old or damaged Rear Step Cover #2 (#51776-60020) could leave the bumper unprotected, leading to costly repairs and increased safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement is advised. Ultimately, a well-maintained Rear Step Cover #2 (#51776-60020) enhances the overall efficiency of the bumper system, and by extension, maintains the safety and integrity of the entire vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51776-60020

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