Shoulder Belt Anchor Adjust Cover Left Hand

About this product

The Shoulder Belt Anchor Adjust Cover Left Hand (#73253-AC020-A0) is an integral part of the Seat Belt & Child Restraint Seat system, primarily designed to protect the belt adjuster mechanism. This cover offers a protective casing for the shoulder belt anchor, shielding it from dust, grime, or potential damage. Over time, this cover can wear out, become broken, or clogged with debris, thereby limiting its ability to safeguard the adjuster. A worn-out cover could leave the adjuster exposed, leading to possible malfunctions in the seating belt system. Therefore, periodic replacement of the shoulder belt anchor adjust cover is crucial for maintaining optimal safety. Using genuine Toyota Autoparts for replacement ensures compatibility with the vehicle and these parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Shoulder Belt Anchor Adjust Cover Left Hand (#73253-AC020-A0) not only contributes to the safety of the system but also enhances the efficiency of the seat belt system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 73253-AC020-A0
Color Name Ivory

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