Spare Wheel Cover

About this product

The Spare Wheel Cover (#64771-02270-C0), a critical body part in the Package Tray Panel & Luggage Compartment Mat system of Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in protecting the spare wheel from damage and contamination. It helps maintain the spare wheel's readiness for use by shielding it from external elements such as debris, dust, and moisture. In operation, this cover acts as a defensive barrier, preserving the durability and longevity of the spare wheel. However, this part can wear out over time and may need replacement to maintain its function. An old or damaged Spare Wheel Cover (#64771-02270-C0) may expose the spare wheel to potential damage, affecting its performance when needed most. Opting for genuine Toyota parts for replacement can maximize compatibility with your vehicle. Moreover, these parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, a well-maintained Spare Wheel Cover (#64771-02270-C0) contributes to the general efficacy and safety of your vehicle's Package Tray Panel & Luggage Compartment Mat system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64771-02270-C0
Color Name Black

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