Engine Cover Sub-Assembly #2

About this product

The Engine Cover Sub-Assembly #2 (#12602-F4010), an integral part of the Manifold system in the Engine-Fuel category, primarily serves to protect the engine components from dust, debris, and external damage. It functions to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the engine parts while in operation. Genuine Toyota parts are crucial for maintaining this subsystem, as they are designed for compatibility with your vehicle. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these parts, indicating their reliability and quality. Periodic replacement of this cover is essential as over time, wear and tear can compromise its protective function. If left unchecked, a broken or non-functional cover could expose the engine to harmful elements, leading to premature wear or even system failure. The Engine Cover Sub-Assembly #2 (#12602-F4010)'s role is vital in enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the engine system, contributing to the longevity and performance of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 12602-F4010

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