HV Battery Cover Sub-Assembly Upper

About this product

The HV Battery Cover Sub-Assembly Upper (#G920N-47060) is a vital component within the Battery & Battery Cable system of your Toyota vehicle. This electrical part primarily serves to shelter the high-voltage battery from elements such as dust, debris and moisture, which could hinder the battery's performance. The HV Battery Cover Sub-Assembly Upper (#G920N-47060) is uniquely designed to fit the specifications of the Toyota model it is intended for, making genuine parts crucial for maintaining vehicle compatibility. Furthermore, all genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, adding an extra layer of assurance for the vehicle owner. If this component becomes old or broken, it may fail to protect the battery, leading to potential damage, power loss and even safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement is highly recommended to maintain the battery's functionality and longevity. Overall, the HV Battery Cover Sub-Assembly Upper (#G920N-47060) plays a significant role in ensuring the efficiency and safety of the entire battery system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G920N-47060

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