Rear Seat Ctr Armrest Cover Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Rear Seat Ctr Armrest Cover Sub-Assembly (#72087-0E060-B2), a key component in Toyota's Rear Seat & Seat Track system, serves a dual purpose. Primarily, it provides comfort for passengers by allowing them to rest their arms while the vehicle is in motion. Simultaneously, it acts as a protective covering for the armrest's mechanical parts, shielding them from wear and tear. The sub-assembly is designed precisely to fit Toyota's models, reinforcing the compatibility and overall efficiency of the vehicle. However, over time and with constant use, this part can wear out, becoming uncomfortable or lose its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, a worn-out cover might expose the armrest's internal mechanisms to potential damage. Using genuine Toyota parts for replacement provides the assurance that they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of the Rear Seat Ctr Armrest Cover Sub-Assembly (#72087-0E060-B2) helps maintain both the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your Toyota vehicle, while also ensuring the longevity of the armrest's mechanical components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 72087-0E060-B0
Part Number 72087-0E060-B2

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