V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Cover Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Toyota V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Cover Sub-Assembly (#16606-28020), an Engine-Fuel component in the Water Pump system, primarily controls and maintains the tension of the v-ribbed belt. It adjusts tension in accordance with the engine's operational speed, ensuring that the belt neither slips nor breaks. This vital part needs regular replacement; when old or malfunctioning, it can lead to uneven belt wear, belt breakage, or poor water pump operation. Opting for genuine Toyota parts aids in achieving optimal vehicle compatibility. These authentic parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A correctly functioning V-Ribbed Belt Tensioner Cover Sub-Assembly (#16606-28020) contributes to the overall system efficiency, safeguarding the lifespan of adjacent components and providing a smooth, reliable operational output.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16606-28020

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