Wheel Hub Cover Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Wheel Hub Cover Sub-Assembly (#4260B-04070), a significant component in the Disc Wheel & Wheel Cap system in Toyota vehicles, plays a crucial role in protecting the wheel hub and bearing assembly from road debris and harsh conditions. This Drive-Chassis part, when in operation, covers the hub and bearing area, shielding it from particles that can cause damage and wear. Over time, this part may show signs of fatigue and require replacement to maintain optimal performance. If not replaced, an old or broken Wheel Hub Cover Sub-Assembly (#4260B-04070) leaves the wheel hub and bearing exposed, potentially leading to premature failure due to contamination or physical damage. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Wheel Hub Cover Sub-Assembly (#4260B-04070), are recommended for compatibility and they come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This component is instrumental in maintaining the efficiency and safety of the wheel assembly, extending the lifespan of related components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 4260B-04070

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