Stiffening Crankcase Assembly

About this product

The Stiffening Crankcase Assembly (#11420-28021), part of Toyota's Engine-Fuel range in the Cylinder Block system, plays a fundamental role in bolstering the structural integrity of the engine. While in operation, it aids in preventing vibrations and keeping the engine stable, leading to smoother performance. Given its role, allowing this part to age or break could detrimentally affect your vehicle's efficiency. A faulty Stiffening Crankcase Assembly (#11420-28021) may lead to increased vibrations or instability in the engine, potentially leading to mechanical failure. It's advisable to replace this part periodically to maintain optimal performance. Genuine parts like this one are not only compatible with your Toyota but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, by ensuring your Stiffening Crankcase Assembly (#11420-28021) is in good condition, you're contributing to the overall efficiency of your vehicle's engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 11420-28020;11420-0H061;11420-0H030;11420-0H060;11420-0H050
Part Number 11420-28021

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