Cross Brace Power Distributor

About this product

The Cross Brace Power Distributor (#90118-WA790), a critical electrical component in Toyota's Switch & Relay & Computer system, primarily manages the distribution of power across the vehicle's various electrical systems. As a central node, it receives power from the vehicle's battery and directs it to the necessary relay or switch, thereby powering the required function. Being a core part of the vehicle's electrical system, it's essential to have the Cross Brace Power Distributor (#90118-WA790) periodically replaced. An aged or faulty distributor can disrupt the power supply to vital vehicle systems, leading to their malfunction, potentially compromising the safety and performance of the vehicle. A Toyota genuine Cross Brace Power Distributor (#90118-WA790), backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, assures seamless compatibility with your vehicle and firm performance. Remember, using genuine parts maintains the efficiency and safety of the vehicle's electrical systems and contributes towards the vehicle's overall performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WA790

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