Front Door Stiffener Cushion #1

About this product

The Front Door Stiffener Cushion #1 (#67923-24030), a vital component in both the Body Front Door Panel & Glass system and the Body Rear Door Panel & Glass system, contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of Toyota vehicles. This authentic Toyota Autopart enhances door rigidity, reducing noise and vibration while driving, thus ensuring a comfortable driving experience. With time, the cushion may wear out or get damaged, prompting replacement. An old or non-functional Front Door Stiffener Cushion #1 (#67923-24030) might lead to increased noise and vibration, lessening the vehicle's comfort and potentially compromising the door's structural integrity. By using genuine Toyota parts like the Front Door Stiffener Cushion #1 (#67923-24030), compatibility with your vehicle is enhanced, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As such, this small but crucial part plays a key role in maintaining the overall quality of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 67923-30010
Part Number 67923-24030

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