Separation Door Stiffener Cushion #2

About this product

The Separation Door Stiffener Cushion #2 (#67928-08020) is a critical part of Toyota's Rear Door Panel & Glass system. Positioned in the body of the vehicle, this component plays a pivotal role in providing stability to the door panel. The cushion aids in reducing vibrations and noise, enhancing the quality of the ride. As part of its function, the cushion works in harmony with other components in the Rear Door Panel & Glass system, including the door frame and glass. If this part becomes old or damaged, the door could potentially lose its stiffness, leading to increased noise and vibrations during transit. The use of genuine Toyota parts is crucial for maintaining vehicle compatibility and quality. Genuine parts, like the Separation Door Stiffener Cushion #2 (#67928-08020), are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, the Separation Door Stiffener Cushion #2 (#67928-08020) contributes significantly to the efficiency of the Rear Door Panel & Glass system, promoting stability, reducing noise, and enhancing the overall comfort of your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67928-08020

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