Clutch Release Cylinder Assembly

About this product

The Clutch Release Cylinder Assembly (#31470-42040), a key Drive-Chassis part, plays an integral role in the smooth functioning of the Clutch Release Cylinder system. This auto part is responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch, allowing for seamless gear changes during the operation of your vehicle. The assembly achieves this by relying on hydraulic pressure to move the clutch plate away from the flywheel. Over time, however, this assembly can age, get clogged or even break. Such scenarios may lead to a stiff clutch, gear shifting troubles, or even total failure of the clutch system. Therefore, the replacement of this assembly becomes necessary. By utilizing genuine Toyota Autoparts, one ensures vehicle compatibility and protection via Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part significantly contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 31470-42040

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