Luggage Compartment Lock Cylinder & Key Set

About this product

The Luggage Compartment Lock Cylinder & Key Set (#69055-06150), a vital component within Toyota's Lock Cylinder Set system, plays a critical role in securing your vehicle's trunk. It operates through a complex mechanism that allows only the correct key to unlock the luggage compartment, thereby providing an additional layer of security to your vehicle. However, over time, the Lock Cylinder can wear out leading to a malfunctioning lock, or worst-case scenario, a lock that fails to open or close the luggage compartment. With genuine Toyota parts, you'll maintain vehicle compatibility and also have the reassurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When this part is in optimal condition, it contributes significantly to the overall security of your vehicle, protecting your possessions from theft and offering you peace of mind. It's imperative to replace it periodically to maintain its efficacy.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69055-06150

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