Windshild Dam Kit

About this product

The Windshild Dam Kit (#04562-28020), a vital body part in the Cowl Panel & Windshield Glass system of Toyota vehicles, has a primary role in sealing the windshield and maintaining the structural rigidity of the vehicle. The kit ensures the proper alignment of the windshield, keeping it firmly placed and preventing any water, dirt, or debris from entering the vehicle. However, like any other auto part, the Windshild Dam Kit (#04562-28020) wears out over time and requires replacement. A compromised Windshild Dam Kit (#04562-28020) can lead to leaks, wind noise, and in severe cases, windshield dislodgement, posing a significant safety hazard. Choosing a genuine Windshild Dam Kit (#04562-28020) from Toyota will provide seamless compatibility with your vehicle and comes backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, a well-functioning Windshild Dam Kit (#04562-28020) is integral to the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's Cowl Panel & Windshield Glass system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04562-28020

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