Window Glass Adhesive Dam

About this product

The Window Glass Adhesive Dam (#56117-64010), a crucial part in Toyota's Body Back Door Panel & Glass and Body Roof Panel & Back Window Glass systems, primarily functions to seal and adhere the window glass firmly into place. Genuine Toyota parts like this are tailored for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty offering assurance of quality. During operation, this adhesive dam forms a firm, weatherproof barrier, preventing unwanted moisture or airflow into the vehicle. Over time, however, it may lose its adhesion, get clogged or break. Neglecting timely replacement could lead to leaks, wind noise or worse, detachment of the window glass, creating safety concerns. By ensuring a robust seal and holding the glass securely, this adhesive dam substantially contributes to the overall safety and comfort of your Toyota's system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 56117-12320;56117-12310;56117-0D060;56117-0D040;56117-06020;56117-03040;56117-30360;56117-60100;56117-68010;56117-68020;56117-78020;56118-47010;56118-48020;56118-52090;56118-63010;56119-46020;64813-03020;64813-0D510;64814-40010;75571-02080;75575-02040;56117-60070;56117-60060;56117-53020;56117-53010;56117-52150;56117-52120;56117-52100;56117-50120;56117-50090;56117-48040;56117-48020;56117-44060;56117-42050;56117-42030;56117-35090;56117-35070;56117-33060;56117-60090;56117-30340;56117-30280;56117-28150;56117-24060;56117-22180;56117-20290;56117-20270 More
Part Number 56117-64010

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