Fuel Pressure Pulsation Damper Set

About this product

The Fuel Pressure Pulsation Damper Set (#23207-46021), an integral part of Toyota's Fuel Injection System, plays a pivotal role in maintaining steady fuel pressure in your vehicle. This component works by absorbing the fuel pulses created by the fuel pump, effectively stabilizing fuel pressure and ensuring a consistent flow of fuel to your engine. Over time, this part may become worn or clogged. When this happens, fuel pressure fluctuates, leading to inconsistent fuel delivery and, ultimately, poor engine performance. Therefore, it's critical to replace the damper periodically to maintain optimal engine operation. Using genuine Toyota parts not only optimizes compatibility, but also comes with the reassurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, the Fuel Pressure Pulsation Damper Set (#23207-46021) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of your vehicle, delivering reliable fuel flow and thus, maximum engine performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 23207-46020
Part Number 23207-46021

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