Dust Deflector

About this product

The Dust Deflector (#33325-60090) is a crucial component used in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Transfer Case & Extension Housing and Drive-Chassis Transfer Gear systems. This part is tasked with keeping dust and debris out of these systems as they operate, contributing to their overall performance and longevity. The Dust Deflector (#33325-60090) achieves this by forming a barrier against dust particles, which can cause damage or impede the operation of these systems if left unchecked. Over time, however, the Dust Deflector (#33325-60090) can become clogged or worn out, making it less effective at its job. A non-functional Dust Deflector (#33325-60090) can lead to excessive wear and tear on the system components, which can lead to costly repairs or even a complete system failure. It is therefore vital to replace this part periodically. By using a genuine Toyota Dust Deflector (#33325-60090), you're not only ensuring vehicle compatibility but also benefiting from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This component plays a significant role in maintaining the system's efficiency and safety, making it a worthwhile investment for any Toyota owner.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33325-60090

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