Overdrive Brake Disc

About this product

The Overdrive Brake Disc (#34633-52020), a crucial Drive-Chassis component in the Brake No.3, 1st & Reverse Brake (Atm) system, plays a vital role in facilitating smooth automatic transmission in Toyota vehicles. As part of the transmission system, it helps regulate the power transferred from the engine to the wheels, allowing for smooth gear changes. When old or worn, this brake disc can result in inefficient gear shifts or even vehicle damage. Hence, periodic replacement is necessary to maintain optimal vehicle performance. Toyota's genuine parts, like this Overdrive Brake Disc (#34633-52020), not only ensure seamless compatibility with your vehicle but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, this part is essential for the efficient operation and safety of your vehicle's transmission system, contributing to an overall smooth driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 34633-52020

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