Air Injection Control Driver Assembly

About this product

The Air Injection Control Driver Assembly (#89580-34012), an essential part of Toyota's Electronic Fuel Injection System, is an electrical component tasked with managing the air-fuel mixture in your vehicle. It's instrumental in ensuring proper fuel combustion, which in turn promotes engine efficiency and reduces harmful emissions. This part must work seamlessly with others in the system, making the use of genuine Toyota parts crucial for optimal compatibility. The functionality of this assembly is pivotal in maintaining a vehicle's efficiency, and it requires regular replacement. An aged or defective Air Injection Control Driver Assembly (#89580-34012) can result in improper fuel combustion, leading to decreased fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and potential engine damage. As a genuine Toyota part, this assembly is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reinforcing its quality and reliability. Thus, the Air Injection Control Driver Assembly (#89580-34012) is an indispensable component that significantly contributes to a vehicle's overall performance and environmental friendliness.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89580-34011;89580-34010
Part Number 89580-34012

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