Air Duct Rear Right Hand

About this product

The Air Duct Rear Right Hand (#87212-04020), a critical component in the Heating & Air Conditioning - Control & Air Duct Rear Right Hand (#87212-04020) system of a vehicle, is primarily responsible for the distribution of conditioned air within the vehicle. Its function is crucial in delivering cool or warm airflow, depending on the vehicle's climate control settings. Genuine Toyota Autoparts, including the Air Duct Rear Right Hand (#87212-04020), offers optimal compatibility for your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, the Air Duct Rear Right Hand (#87212-04020) can become clogged, worn, or even broken, leading to inefficient airflow or a complete loss of conditioned air distribution. Lack of regular replacement could lead to uncomfortable cabin temperatures and potential degradation of other HVAC components due to strain. A well-functioning Air Duct Rear Right Hand (#87212-04020) contributes significantly to the vehicle's overall comfort, maintaining an ideal cabin environment for the driver and passengers, enhancing the driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87212-04020

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