HV Battery Intake Duct #2

About this product

The HV Battery Intake Duct #2 (#G92D2-33010), an essential electrical component in the Battery & Battery Cable system, plays a crucial role by directing fresh, cold air to the hybrid battery. This air aids in the cooling mechanism, preventing the hybrid battery from overheating during operation. It's crucial to remember that over time, the duct can get packed with debris or even break, resulting in restricted airflow. This issue may lead to the hybrid battery overheating, potentially reducing the vehicle's performance and efficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement using genuine Toyota Autoparts is key for vehicle compatibility and longevity. After all, Toyota's authentic components are supported by their genuine parts warranty. By ensuring your HV Battery Intake Duct #2 (#G92D2-33010) is in top shape, you're contributing to the overall health and safety of your vehicle's battery system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G92D2-33010

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