About this product

The Elbow (#90407-14027), an essential Drive-Chassis component within the Oil Cooler & Tube (Atm) system, performs a critical function in maintaining the vehicle's performance and longevity. As part of the oil cooling system, the Elbow (#90407-14027) guides the flow of oil, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and optimal engine performance. Closely tied with the oil cooler, the Elbow (#90407-14027)'s effectiveness can diminish over time. This degradation can lead to a restricted oil flow, potentially causing the engine to overheat or even fail. Hence, periodic replacement of this component is vital. When choosing a replacement, opting for a genuine Toyota part is advisable. Genuine Toyota parts are specifically designed for compatibility with your vehicle, enhancing performance, and longevity. Toyota backs every genuine part, including the Elbow (#90407-14027), with a robust warranty, signifying trust in their quality and reliability. In conclusion, the Elbow (#90407-14027) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of the Oil Cooler & Tube (Atm) system, safeguarding your engine's health, and by extension, your vehicle's safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90407-14027

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