About this product

The Elbow (#90407-16017), a vital part of the Drive-Chassis in the Oil Pump, Oil Cooler & Pipe (Mtm) system, serves a critical role in steering the flow of oil. It redirects the fluid path within the system, ensuring the smooth fluid dynamics necessary for optimal system performance. This function, however, can be compromised should the Elbow (#90407-16017) become old, clogged, or broken. A damaged Elbow (#90407-16017) can disrupt oil flow, leading to system inefficiencies and potential damage to other components. Therefore, regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts is highly recommended. Toyota backs its genuine parts with a warranty, underscoring their quality and compatibility with your vehicle. In short, the Elbow (#90407-16017) is integral to the oil system's efficiency and the overall safety of your vehicle, making its maintenance a top priority.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 31115-20012;31115-17012;31115-20011
Part Number 90407-16017

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