Radiator Grille Emblem

About this product

The Radiator Grille Emblem (#75311-33100), a key component of the Body Emblem & Name Plate systems, plays a crucial aesthetic role in Toyota vehicles. Its primary purpose is to display the brand's identity, being prominently attached to the front grille of the vehicle. Genuine parts enhance vehicle compatibility, with the Radiator Grille Emblem (#75311-33100) being built to match the precise design and dimensions of the designated model. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all official emblems, increasing customer confidence. While this part isn't typically due to wear and tear like mechanical parts, it can become faded or damaged over time, reducing the vehicle's aesthetic value. If the emblem becomes non-functional or broken, it may detach while driving, potentially causing a hazard. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended for maintaining the vehicle's look and safety. Hence, the Radiator Grille Emblem (#75311-33100) contributes to the overall appeal and identity of any Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53101-YC110;53101-33090;53101-33100;53101-YC100;75311-YC050
Part Number 75311-33100

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