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The Symbol Emblem (#90975-A2001), a crucial Body part in the Emblem & Name Plate system, plays a primary role in distinguishing your vehicle as a genuine Toyota. The Symbol Emblem (#90975-A2001) is displayed prominently on the exterior of your vehicle, serving as a mark of quality that signifies adherence to Toyota's high manufacturing standards. Over time, exposure to harsh weather conditions or physical impact can cause the emblem to fade, break, or even fall off, detracting from the car's aesthetic appeal and diminishing the recognition of it as a Toyota vehicle. Replacing an old or damaged Symbol Emblem (#90975-A2001) with a genuine Toyota part not only restores the vehicle's appearance but also ensures compatibility with the vehicle design. Toyota's genuine parts are supported by a robust warranty, emphasizing the company's commitment to quality. Having a well-maintained, visibly identifiable Toyota Symbol Emblem (#90975-A2001) enhances the overall value of your vehicle and reasserts its status as a genuine Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53100-04481-B2;53100-04481-C0;53100-04481-D1;53100-04481-E0;53100-04481-G0;53100-04481-J1;53100-04480-G0;53100-04480-E0;53100-04480-D1;53100-04480-C0;53100-04480-B0;53100-04480-J0;53100-04481-B1 More
Part Number 90975-A2001

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