Emergency Assistance Kit

Advantages of Choosing Toyota Genuine Emergency Assistance Kit Parts

This multi-functional kit contains tools you may need for unexpected emergencies. The compact zipper bag features outer storage pockets and reflective emergency indicators on the surface. Kit includes: 

  • Versatile, stainless steel pocket tool with pliers, wire cutters and two screwdrivers 
  • Heat-reflective emergency blanket, flashlight, work gloves, automotive-grade hose tape, tire gauge, bungee cord, shop towel and tether strap 
  • Booster/jumper cables with multilingual instructions
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045;PT420-00045 More
Part Number PT420-00130

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