Steering Relay Rod End Sub-Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Steering Relay Rod End Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#45044-69125), a crucial Drive-Chassis part in the Front Steering Gear & Link system, plays an integral role in maintaining the stability and control of a Toyota vehicle. As the vehicle maneuvers, this component effectively links the steering knuckle to the pitman arm, translating driver input into responsive and precise steering performance. However, just as with many auto parts, this component has a finite service life. Over time, wear and tear can diminish its efficacy, leading to issues like loose steering or even a complete loss of control. For this reason, it's crucial to replace this part periodically using genuine Toyota parts. Not only do these parts perfectly fit Toyota vehicles, but they are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining the performance of the Steering Relay Rod End Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#45044-69125), the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle's steering system remain uncompromised, ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 45044-69106
Part Number 45044-69125

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