Side Rail Extension Assembly Left Hand

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The Side Rail Extension Assembly Left Hand (#51120-35010), a key component in the Frame system, has a crucial role in supporting the vehicle's structure and assisting in impact absorption. As part of the Body family of parts, it helps maintain the vehicle's rigidity, contributing to a smoother ride and better handling. This assembly is designed for optimal compatibility with Toyota vehicles when you utilize genuine parts. As with all components, the Side Rail Extension Assembly Left Hand (#51120-35010) may wear out over time, potentially compromising the vehicle's structural integrity. If it becomes old, fractured, or non-functional, this could result in instability or safety concerns during operation. Genuine parts are not only designed to meet Toyota's high-quality standards, but are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Thus, the Side Rail Extension Assembly Left Hand (#51120-35010) also plays a vital role in promoting overall vehicle safety and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 51001-6A711;51001-6A710;51001-6A671;51001-6A670;51001-6A653;51002-6A040;51001-6A852;51001-6A851;51001-6A890;51001-6A853;51001-6A460;51001-6A891;51001-6A650;51002-6A323;51002-6A340;51002-6A363;51001-6A712;51001-6A652;51001-6A651;51001-6A532;51002-6A041;51002-6A050;51002-6A320;51002-6A051;51002-6A070;51002-6A321;51002-6A322;51001-6A482;51001-6A510;51002-6A103;51002-6A120;51002-6A121;51002-6A102;51002-6A101;51002-6A381;51002-6A382;51002-6A380;51002-6A362;51002-6A341;51002-6A342;51002-6A360;51002-6A361;51002-6A100;51002-6A122;51002-6A073;51002-6A072;51002-6A071;51001-6A511;51001-6A850;51001-6A713;51001-6A531;51001-6A530;51001-6A513;51001-6A512;51001-6A481;51001-6A480;51001-6A463;51001-6A462;51001-6A461 More
Part Number 51120-35010

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