Water Filler Assembly

About this product

The Toyota Water Filler Assembly (#16520-40010), an essential engine-fuel part under the Radiator & Water Outlet system, is primarily responsible for filling up the engine coolant. The assembly functions by facilitating the coolant flow into the engine, allowing it to maintain optimal temperature during operation. This crucial process involves the radiator, coolant, and the water filler assembly. Periodic replacement of this part is paramount as an old, clogged, or broken assembly may lead to inadequate coolant flow, causing the engine to overheat and potentially damage other parts. Genuine Toyota parts not only offer compatibility with your vehicle, but are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the water filler assembly contributes to the overall efficiency of the vehicle by preventing overheating, ensuring the system's longevity and the safety of the driver. A functioning assembly also ensures the efficient operation of closely related parts like the radiator and coolant.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16520-40010

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