Differential Final Gear Kit

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The Differential Final Gear Kit (#41201-80189), part of Toyota's Drive-Chassis category, plays a pivotal role within the Rear Axle Housing & Differential system of a vehicle. This kit transfers engine power to the wheels, allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds, especially while turning. It comprises gears, bearings, and seals, among other components, and it's operation is essential for a smooth and efficient drive. The functionality of the Differential Final Gear Kit (#41201-80189) can depreciate over time, necessitating its periodic replacement. Failure to replace this part can lead to improper power transfer to the wheels, resulting in poor drivability and potential damage to the drivetrain. Genuine Toyota parts are compatible with Toyota vehicles and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By ensuring the wheels receive appropriate power, the Differential Final Gear Kit (#41201-80189) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 41201-80099;41201-80091;41201-80174
Part Number 41201-80189

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