Transmission Floor Shift Assembly

About this product

The Transmission Floor Shift Assembly (#33550-60B91), an integral component in the Shift Lever & Retainer system, is responsible for shifting gears in a vehicle. As part of the Drive-Chassis category, the assembly works by translating the driver's gear selection into mechanical action, moving the shift lever into the appropriate position. However, this part can wear out over time and when clogged, broken, or non-functional, it could affect the shift lever's ability to properly transition between gears. This can lead to impaired driving control and potentially serious safety issues. Using genuine Toyota parts improves compatibility with your vehicle and comes with the security of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Not only does a well-functioning Transmission Floor Shift Assembly (#33550-60B91) contribute to the efficiency of your vehicle, but it also significantly enhances the overall safety when driving.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 33550-60B90
Part Number 33550-60B91

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