Front Seat Set

About this product

The Front Seat Set (#71002-04091-B0) is a vital part in the Seat & Seat Track system of Toyota vehicles. Its main function is to provide comfort and support to the vehicle occupants while simultaneously acting as a critical safety component during vehicle operation. The Front Seat Set (#71002-04091-B0) works in conjunction with other parts like seat belts and airbags to protect passengers during an accident. Over time, the Front Seat Set (#71002-04091-B0) can experience wear and tear, reducing its effectiveness and potentially posing a safety hazard. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended as it aids compatibility and is backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. Failure to replace a worn-out Front Seat Set (#71002-04091-B0) can lead to discomfort while driving, and in worst-case scenarios, it can even compromise the safety of vehicle occupants. In conclusion, a well-maintained Front Seat Set (#71002-04091-B0) undoubtedly enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 71002-04090-B0
Part Number 71002-04091-B0
Color Name Gray

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