Rectifier End Frame

About this product

The Rectifier End Frame (#27359-16260), an essential engine-fuel part in the Alternator system, plays a vital role in the operation of your Toyota vehicle. It allows the alternator to convert AC power into DC power, which is used by the vehicle's electrical systems. This component interacts with the alternator's diodes, which are crucial in the conversion process. With time, the Rectifier End Frame (#27359-16260) can become worn or damaged, affecting the performance of your vehicle. Consequently, periodic replacement is necessary. Failure to replace a faulty part can lead to electrical system failures, causing your vehicle to break down. Genuine replacement parts from Toyota not only offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle but are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This Rectifier End Frame (#27359-16260), thus, contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's electrical system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 27359-16260

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