Seat Cushion Side Frame Sub-Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Seat Cushion Side Frame Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#79007-60010) is a vital component within Toyota's Seat & Seat Track system. This body part's primary function is to provide a supportive framework for the seat cushion, thereby ensuring stability and comfort for the vehicle's occupants during transit. The sub-assembly is composed of several mechanisms including metallic frames and fasteners that securely hold the cushion. Genuine Toyota parts are essential for maintaining vehicle compatibility, and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As components age, they might experience wear and tear, which compromises the seat's comfort and stability. If left unchecked, the broken frame could lead to discomfort during rides, or even pose safety risks in case of accidents. Replacing it periodically enhances the overall effectiveness and safety of the seat system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79007-60010

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