Back Door Garnish Ctr

About this product

The Back Door Garnish Ctr (#67939-0C010-E0), a vital component of the Back Door Panel & Glass system, simultaneously offers aesthetic appeal and protective functionality. This auto part primarily serves to shield the underlying structures, while adding a polished finish to the vehicle's rear. Utilizing genuine parts like the Back Door Garnish Ctr (#67939-0C010-E0) can promote vehicle compatibility and maintain the integrity of the Toyota brand. As the Garnish ages, it may become aesthetically worn or physically damaged, which could compromise its protective role. Replacing it periodically is recommended, as neglecting this part might expose the back door panel or glass to potential damage. Toyota's genuine parts warranty supports the Back Door Garnish Ctr (#67939-0C010-E0), reinforcing its reliability. This part significantly contributes to the vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal, while enhancing the functionality and safety of the Back Door Panel & Glass system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67939-0C010-E0
Color Name Md.Oak

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