Bk Panel Garnish Upper

About this product

The Bk Panel Garnish Upper (#64261-89101-02), an essential Body part in the Inside Trim Board system of your Toyota vehicle, plays a fundamental role in your vehicle's aesthetics and functionality. As an internal body component, it helps to protect the internal mechanisms of the car from dust, debris, and damage while enhancing the car's interior look. Over time, this part may wear out or become damaged, which could negatively impact the vehicle's overall functionality and visual appeal. The replacement of this part is typically suggested when it shows signs of wear or damage. Neglecting to replace an old or broken Bk Panel Garnish Upper (#64261-89101-02) can lead to increased exposure of internal mechanisms, impacting the vehicle's performance and safety. Toyota's genuine parts are designed to maintain vehicle compatibility, and the Bk Panel Garnish Upper (#64261-89101-02) is no exception. Genuine Toyota parts enjoy the protection of Toyota's genuine parts warranty, further assuring quality and durability. When installed, this particular part contributes to the overall aesthetic value, safety, and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64261-89101-02
Color_Name RED

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