Front Fender Garnish Left Hand

About this product

The Front Fender Garnish Left Hand (#75622-08020), a significant component in the Hood & Front Fender system, serves a dual purpose. Its primary function involves enhancing the car's aesthetic appearance, giving it a sleek and refined look. Secondly, it plays a protective role, shielding the fender from minor bumps and scrapes. When the Front Fender Garnish Left Hand (#75622-08020) becomes worn or damaged, it can compromise the overall aesthetics of your vehicle and expose the fender to potential damage. Consequently, it should be replaced periodically, ideally with Toyota genuine parts. These parts not only offer optimal compatibility with your vehicle but are also supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In sum, the Front Fender Garnish Left Hand (#75622-08020) contributes to the vehicle's aesthetics while offering an additional layer of protection to the fender, thereby maintaining the integrity of the vehicle's exterior.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75622-08020

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